Fatih’s Story

Fatih had just moved to Australia from Turkey for a fresh start when his mental health took a downward turn and he found himself in hospital. Exhausted and struggling with inertia, Fatih battled to find the momentum to move forward in his recovery journey.  

“I think lack of motivation is something that a lot of people with mental health difficulties struggle with, and I was no exception. I felt hopeless; like I couldn’t go on. I didn’t want to face the world. It was like I knew I was in a bad situation, but I couldn’t possibly take the steps to change it.” 

Little did he know, he wasn’t alone in the fight. 

“A day out from my discharge, someone from RFQ came to talk to me about moving into the Transitional Recovery Service (TRS) house. I wasn’t too sure about it, but in the end it was the best thing I’ve ever done – it pretty much saved my life.” 

TRS is a service where people coming out of acute wards move into a house with round-the-clock care and support, focusing on all of their needs. It’s an opportunity for people to find their feet, engage in activities and adjust to life in the community prior to moving onto the next phase of their life. 

“There are always things going on in the house and the support is really good. I have enjoyed talking to other people in the house, going for walks and joining in on whichever group sessions are happening that day. You feel supported from all sides.” 

Fatih hopes that sharing his story will encourage others to seek the assistance they need to turn their lives around. He says if he could pull himself out of the pit of despair, you can too. 

“When I was first moving from hospital to the TRS house, it was really tough. I was really struggling to take any action in my life and as a result, nothing was changing. The support staff in the house were so good though, and once I opened myself up to receiving support, things began to improve. I’ve come a long way since those challenging early days.” 

Fatih now has concrete goals that he is working towards, building a meaningful life on the beautiful Gold Coast. He is enjoying his new-found motivation and is riding a wave of momentum, propelled by his support system which he says mean everything to him. 

“The TRS team are genuinely interested in you as a person; it’s not ‘one size fits all’. They always ask questions and want to know more about you. It makes you feel special. I’ve also made some good friends in the house and had some nice chats with both staff members and residents.” 

Fatih now feels that he’s been gifted a second chance – and there’s no way he’s going to let it slip through his fingers.  

“I’ve been out of the TRS house for a couple of months now, but I’ll always remember what it did for me when I needed it most. I still engage in programs out of the house and have just started playing tennis. I’m planning my future, getting more financially stable and starting a TAFE course around mental health so I can help others.” 

“Mental health is such a vital area of concern for so many people, and it seems like Australia really cares about this topic. I want to be a part of that. I feel more optimistic than I have in a long time; I believe that I can build a great life in the Gold Coast. I’m getting there – slowly but surely.”