How we work

How we work

RFQ - How we do it


Lived experiences

We evolve and adapt through reflective and evidence-based practices. Our work is informed by the lived experiences of people, and the practical experience of families and our team.

Advanced research

We build our programs and services on world-leading research and partner as a leading recovery research site with academic communities.

Personal recovery

The people we support develop their own personal recovery plan that reflects who they are as a person, their vision for recovery and the goals they wish to pursue with our support.

Continual improvement

We support recovery through best practice service delivery and a commitment to continual improvement. Committed to reflective practice, staff development and accredited training, we explore new service delivery options and review our services and outcomes on an ongoing basis.

Collaborative recovery model

At the heart of our approach is a ‘Collaborative Recovery Model’ implemented in a ‘sharing community’ framework. This approach is driven by what’s important to the person with the support of others.

Genuine relationships

Our Community is built on our authentic relationships with the people we support, their families, local communities and partner organisations. We establish new partnerships and seek opportunities to grow and extend our networks.

Community participation

Our activity groups help bridge the gap between community isolation and community participation. We support others to build trusting relationships and gain the confidence to venture into the life of the community. It’s about trying new things, making friends, cooking and shopping for new clothes for upcoming events.

Strengthening capacity

Responding to the emerging and future needs of the community, we continue to strengthen our capabilities and capacity to deliver. We identify new opportunities to extend and develop our services and support future growth.

Supporting change

We are committed to supporting change in the community and raising awareness of the services we provide. We actively participate in initiatives and partnerships such as Mental Health Week to help raise awareness of mental health needs and issues.

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