Our brand

Our brand

Our new brand reflects the traditional values of Our Community as well as the progressive thinking and best practice service delivery that continues to drive and shape our future.

What recovery means to us.

Our brand tag line ‘recovered futures’ has powerful meaning. Recovery means more than just ‘getting better’. We believe recovery is about ‘getting something back’—regaining or recapturing a sense of self, control, hope, a future.

‘Recovered futures’ is a statement of hope. Our Community is here to inspire, motivate and reassure people that there is hope, there is a future. Futures are, and can be, recovered.

The people we support.

Our new brand also reflects the wide reach of our work as an organisation. We support not only people who have been diagnosed with mental illness, but also people who may be at risk of mental health problems. They may be vulnerable youth, the homeless, people in the criminal justice system and other disadvantaged people in the community—people who can’t see a future.

Recovery supported.

The Q in RFQ is representative of Our Community—the people, partnerships and values that connect our Richmond Fellowship family. The non-linear, freehand style ‘tail’ of the Q visually represents the many ‘journeys’ to recovery we support and the uncertainty of those journeys. It represents people embracing their own goals, responsibilities and journeys of self discovery.

To us, a recovery journey is not simply defined by illness but by self belief, hope and empowerment. This is not a straight road. It can be a journey of ups and downs, of highs and lows. Every person’s road to recovery is different, shaped by an individual’s unique personality, challenges, goals and aspirations.

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