Our team

Our team

Our management and staff teams are compassionate and highly capable people committed to supporting others.

Together with people and their families, our management and staff teams nurture a culture that inspires hope, builds confidence and empowers people.

Hope sits at the heart of the work we do. Every day, our team inspires hope that mental health recovery is possible.

Working for RFQ


We are:

  • trusted partners to people and their families
  • active participants in our sector and the community
  • dedicated to excellence and best practice in service delivery
  • a creative hub of new ideas
  • connected by our traditional values and driven by our progressive thinking
  • uplifted by the inspirational stories of people and their accomplishments
  • learning and improving ourselves through reflective and evidence-based practices and training
  • a close team who care about each other and the people and families we support.

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