Our vision and values

Our vision

A future recovered for people facing mental health challenges and social disadvantage.

We envision:
A world that fully supports people in recovery.
A culture that celebrates autonomy, courage and choice.
A future that inspires hope, self belief and the achievement of personal goals.

Our values are the driving force behind everything that we do.

Our values


We create environments that support and empower people. We empower people to embrace their own goals, responsibilities and journey of self discovery.


Our relationships are authentic. They are built on trust and earned through respect, reliability, flexibility and humility. We trust, respect and support each and every person’s individual path to recovery.


We are compassionate people. We create safe, caring and inclusive environments that foster active participation, personal growth and recovery.


We are resilient and resourceful. We help others to find their own strength, purpose and meaning.


We embrace diversity in all its forms. We celebrate the richness of the human spirit, value difference and advocate for the dignity of each human person.


We are honest and accountable. We nurture an ethical culture that guides our relationships and services.

Lifelong learning.

Learning is a continual journey for us. We evolve and adapt through reflective and evidence-based practices, accredited training and world-leading research. We value new ideas and their contribution to personal growth, development and recovery at all levels.

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