About the program

Wesfarmers has partnered with Beyond Blue and RFQ to deliver NewAccess nationally  to team members of participating Wesfarmers companies. 

Known as ‘NewAccess for Wesfarmers’,  the service provides LiCBT to eligible employees via telehealth. 

Reasons to seek support vary between individuals, but may look like feeling stressed, becoming disengaged from things they used to enjoy, withdrawing from loved ones or being unable to concentrate or sleep.

Examples of where NewAccess can also assist is where individuals are experiencing work or study stress, living arrangement concerns, interpersonal issues, health or financial concerns.


To be eligible for this service, you need to be:

Aged 18 years and over

A team member within a participating Wesfarmers company

Not currently engaged in other psychological therapy


NewAccess for Wesfarmers is available to team members within participating Wesfarmers companies. You can contact your line manager or email newaccess.wesfarmers@rfq.com.au to find out if your company is participating.  

How to make an appointment or find out more

Contact the NewAccess for Wesfarmers team by: