About NewAccess

NewAccess mental health coaching is a 6-session guided self-help program designed to provide you with skills to manage everyday life stresses such as work, study, relationships, health or loneliness. Tailored to your individual needs, the program is confidential and free of charge.

NewAccess is developed by Beyond Blue and delivered by RFQ. Coaches deliver Low-intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, a structured, evidence-based psychological support.


To be eligible for this service, you need to be:

12 years or older in the Brisbane North Primary Health Network (PHN) region

12 years or older in the Darling Downs and West Moreton

Primary Health Network (PHN)


16 years or older in the Central Queensland, Wide Bay or Sunshine Coast Primary Health Network (PHN) region

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed about everyday life issues, such as work, study, relationships, health or loneliness.

Not currently engaged in other psychological therapy

These services are funded under the Australian Government’s Primary Health Network (PHN). 

If you reside outside RFQ’s NewAccess regions, please visit the Beyond Blue website to locate a NewAccess service near you.

Make an enquiry

Contact the NewAccess team by:


Brisbane North
1300 159 795

Darling Downs West Moreton
1300 971 309

Wide Bay
1300 159 795

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