We are part of an international family of Richmond Fellowships, with the foundation programs established in Richmond Surrey England in 1959 by Elly Jansen. Elly was a pioneer in the de-institutionalisation and community mental health movements, taking her empowering vision around the world. With Elly’s support, Brisbane GP Dr Charles Elliott founded Richmond Fellowship Queensland (RFQ), incorporated as a not-for-profit company in 1974.

We are proud to be part of a wider family and as a member of the Richmond Fellowship Asia Pacific Forum, the host of a biennial international conference.

Today, we combine the inspirational vision and values of our founders with progressive thinking, advanced research and evidence-based practice.

Our vision

A future recovered for people facing mental health
challenges and social disadvantage.

We envision:

A world

that fully supports people in recovery

A culture 

that nurtures authentic and empowering relationships

A future

that inspires hope, self-belief and a meaningful life

Our values

The values that brought this movement together with progressive thinking, advanced research and service excellence.


We create environments that support and empower people. We empower people to embrace their own goals, responsibilities and choices.


Our relationships are authentic. They are built on trust and earned through respect, reliability, flexibility and humility. We trust, respect and support each and every person’s recovery choices.


We are compassionate people. We create safe, caring and inclusive environments that foster active participation, personal growth and recovery.


We are resilient and resourceful. We help others to find their own strength, purpose and meaning.


We embrace diversity in all its forms. We celebrate the richness of the human spirit, value difference and advocate for the dignity of each human person.


We are honest and accountable. We nurture an ethical culture that guides our relationships and services.


Learning is a continual journey for us. We evolve and adapt through reflective and evidence-based practices and world-leading research. We value new ideas and their contribution to influencing personal and social change.

Our community

We are a compassionate community of people committed to inspiring hope, self belief and a meaningful life.

Working together to recover people’s futures, Our Community brings together the inspirational people we support, their families and many agencies from across government, business, academia and the wider community. 

Today, we combine the inspirational vision and values of our founders with progressive thinking, advanced research and evidence-based practice. 

We value the respectful, authentic relationships that sit at the heart of Our Community. 

Our governance

We are proud of our governance reputation and high standing in our operating environment. Oversighted by a skilled and diverse Board of Directors, the Company is committed to its mission and excellence in its services.

Our team

Our exceptional management and staff are compassionate and highly capable, committed to supporting people. Together with people and their families, we nurture a culture that nurtures authentic and empowering relationships. 

Hope sits at the heart of the work we do. Every day, we inspire hope that mental health recovery is possible.  

We are committed to: 

  • a recovery culture responsive to the diverse needs and aspirations of people in recovery and their families
  • services that are culturally appropriate for Indigenous peoples
  • a culture and ethical framework for our work that is purpose-driven, authentic and professional
  • mutually beneficial, healthy and responsible staff relations that contribute to the purpose and work of the organisation
  • service excellence through reflective and evidenced-based recovery practice
  • quality and ethical governance and management standards and practices 
  • sustaining an organisational character that is resilient, agile and adaptable 
  • the efficient and effective use of resources

Our logo

This is an image of RFQ's logo. It It has R and F written in grey font, with Q written in orange cursive writing

Our logo reflects the traditional values of Our Community as well as the progressive thinking that continues to drive and shape our future. Our logo’s tag line ‘recovered futures’ has powerful meaning. Recovery means more than just ‘getting better’. We believe recovery is about ‘getting something back’—regaining or recapturing a sense of self, control, hope, a future. ‘Recovered futures’ is a statement of hope. Our Community is here to inspire, motivate and reassure people that there is hope, there is a future. Futures are, and can be, recovered.  

The Q in RFQ is representative of Our Community—the people, partnerships and values that connect our Richmond Fellowship family. The non-linear, freehand style ‘tail’ of the Q visually represents the many ‘journeys’ to recovery we support and the uncertainty of those journeys. It represents people embracing their own future and a meaningful life. 

Our partners

We embrace our partnerships. Our Community connects with people and agencies from across government, the community and academia to support and address barriers to people’s recovery. Together, we can recover futures. 

GOVERNMENT – We value our funding relationships with the Queensland Department of Health, Queensland Hospital and Health Services, Queensland Corrective Services, the Australian Department of Health, Australian Department of Social Services, National Disability Insurance Agency, Comcare and Primary Health Care Networks.  We value our service delivery relationship through Comcare with 15 Australian government departments.  

COMMUNITY – We value and work with other community organisations across Australia and the Asia Pacific region to support people and the growth of our sector.  We especially value our partnership with Beyond Blue in the delivery of a range of innovative programs.

RESEARCH – We build our programs and services on world-leading research and discourse and value our partnerships with Australia’s academic communities. We partner as a research site with universities to contribute to mental health knowledge and evidence-based practice. Our research partnerships enable us to deliver evidence-based recovery practice.    

CORPORATE – We value and extend our thanks to our business partners and continue to explore our connections with the corporate sector.