Throughout your six sessions your specialised Coach will work in partnership with you using a ‘guided self-help’ model. The sessions will help you develop practical skills to manage your stress and get you back to feeling like yourself again. 

Whether you’re just feeling stressed or overwhelmed about everyday life issues like work, relationships, health or loneliness, NewAccess is there when you need it. 

About the program

The experience of being a small business owner is unique. Unlike other working environments, it can involve a different type of stress, with responsibilities and pressures that extend way beyond the usual 9-5 working day and intruding into weekends. NewAccess for Small Business Owners provides: 

  • a free and confidential national mental health coaching program delivered by RFQ in partnership with Beyond Blue 
  • specialised coaches using an evidence based, research validated cutting edge intervention, Low intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (LiCBT) 
  • a structured six session program utilising a ‘guided self-help’ model  
  • a telehealth service via phone or video call 

The program is designed to support small business owners manage their life pressures with confidence. 


To be eligible for this service, you need to be:

An adult
(aged 18 years and over)

Not currently engaged in other psychological therapy

A small business owner


This service is accessed through:

Self Referral

How to make an appointment or find out more