Supporting Clients

It’s about you. We tailor our support to you – your unique personality, needs and aspirations. 

We empower you to develop your personal recovery plan that reflects your vision for recovery and the goals you wish to pursue with our support. 

Our staff offer hope, encouragement and self-belief. They develop authentic relationships in a culture where you can: 

  • find hope, meaning and achieve personal goals
  • build your inner strength and resilience 
  • find links and pathways to other agencies and resources in the community 
  • find work, educational opportunities and meaningful leisure pursuits. 

Supporting Carers & Families

RFQ respects and values your role as a family member and carer in your loved one’s recovery. We consider your wellbeing and participation to be an absolutely important part of how we provide our services. With the supported person, your role and the supports you provide will be identified in the personal recovery plan.